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Update 9 (July 16) - Finally the lovely Kazumi gets some more love with a collection of her complete works. I put some new high resolution images in there as well and to put things in perspective her new images account for half of the MB in her complete collection... because they are higher resolution images than her past sets. The collection One with the Faye - Kazumi's Fantasy Pinups Vol II will not be up forever, it's meant to be a catch-up package for previous Kazumi supporters. So if you only want the new stuff pick that set up while it is still available.
Kazumi's Harmonious Beauty Memorial Album by larsmidnatt One with the Faye - Kazumi's Fantasy Pinups Vol II by larsmidnatt

Update 8 (June 24) -
The next compilation is up, this time it's the legendary Boobie Fairy Dottie Faye! Set has 5 new images, I'll put at least a few of them up on dA for at least a little bit. One should be up tomorrow around noon EST.
Dottie Faye - The Boobie Fairy Collection by larsmidnatt

Update 7 (June 22) -
I just added 1 more image to Linnea's Pinup Collection! Previous buyers can redownload the pack to get the new image.

Update 6 (June 18) -
I just added 1 more image to Melina's Sweet Honey! Pinup Collection! Previous buyers can redownload the pack to get the new image. I'll post the image to my dA gallery around 6 pm CEST today.

Update 5 (June 16) - Melina got some love today!
Melina's sweet honey! Pinup Collection by larsmidnatt Melina Mousepad (printable) by larsmidnatt

Update 4++++ (June 15)
Tons of updates. Scarlet, Linnea, Maxene, Oralia, Inari, Isidora, Shawna, Lamia, Calwen and Midori all got some love. Older sets got price reductions, prints were enabled for a lot of pieces that were missing them. Many images have higher resolution previews than they original had. Also Mara's image collection has been updated with two never before released images, so if you already purchased her set please download it again. Shawna's Girl with Guns collection got 8 more alt images that I thought I included a long time ago.
Succulent Scarlet's Complete Collection by larsmidnatt Linnea's Pinup Collection by larsmidnatt Maxene and Oralia - Curvesome Collection by larsmidnatt Inari and Isidora by larsmidnatt Midori's Complete Collection (free download) by larsmidnatt Girl with Guns Pinups by larsmidnatt Calwen Pinup Collection by larsmidnatt Lamia by larsmidnatt

Update 3 (June 14)
I just re-uploaded Aoi's Sexy and Cute Compilation! This is because I realized some of the files in the package weren't actually the highest resolution versions I had. No one would really notice this but me, but this has been corrected. There were probably a dozen or so files effected by this.

Update 2 (June 12)
Aoi's gallery update is underway and should be completed tonight. You will now be able to zoom into many of the images because I've uploaded higher resolution images when possible. I put all of her images into a single compilation and am currently working on making sure images that are large enough for prints are properly set up. Thanks for the great response to her recent piece Cute and Naughty Aoi.
Aoi's Cute and Sexy Compilation by larsmidnatt

Update 1 (June 11)
- Mara's gallery update is complete. All her images have been put into a single image collection and all images that are large enough for prints have that option enabled. Thanks to those who have already purchased this set. There will be more Mara in the coming weeks but she is taking a short break so I can work on updating other character collections in my gallery.
 Mara's Demonic Charms Collection by larsmidnatt

More Updates tonight hopefully.
Original Entry (June 11) - I am updating some files in my gallery tonight but right now things are in a bit of a flux if you happen to look at my Premium Content folder. Most of that stuff in there is very old and had not been purchased in a long time. It makes sense to consolidate most of that stuff into bigger packs(that will be overall cheaper).  I have purposely put some items into storage until I can properly update them or provide a replacement. So please excuse the mess.

Also some of the older single image premium content products have had the premium content removed. These will also be put into the bigger packs as they are released.

I plan to work on updating the premium content folder on a character by character basis. So first character to get updated with be Mara, who hasn't had a dedicated content pack since 2012 I think. That pack is very old and doesn't include her newer stuff so tonight I'll correct that issue.

BTW there is some new naughty Aoi coming soon...The render is done but maybe I'll wait till next week and tease ya for a bit ;)
YAY! dA has become modern today by adding a late nineties website feature. Starting now we can edit our comments to remove our typos so our communications can be more legible and clear.

A proud day for dA, over 5056 days in the coming.

Let us all celebrate this progress by actually utilizing this feature! I know change can be hard but this is one change we can all benefit from.

Someone post a clapping gif please. Then kindly edit it out with less offensive meme.

O Captain! my Captain! please use the edit button.


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blinded-dinosaur Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for agreeing to post some of your artwork in :iconbombshellsandcuties:!!  And you have an awesome gallery.  You are welcome to join the group as contributor, if you like, but you don't have to if you're not interested.  :)
lexxii Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi & Thank you for joining :iconcutieshots: Please enjoy your membership & Looking forward to you submitting more of your fine art into the group:)
Thank you
lexxii Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lovely Gallery:)

Invite to join :iconcutieshots: A diverse group with many galleries for artists to display their fine art:)
Hope to see you very soon!!
TimPhillips Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for Joining ReturnOfThe1980s group. Please spread the word, so we can get this group going.
marcelasili Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014
Congratulation! U have an incredible art! I'm your new fan! kisses!
nicoll420 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Would you ever maybe be interested in a commission?
larsmidnatt Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
no requests or commissions. Thanks for asking.
ArtAdmirer1-75th Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Thank you for the Llama Badge & for sharing your Sensuous Art Sir Lars!
RenderPretender Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your renders are gorgeous.  Your sarcasm is delicious.  That's all I have. 
jmarkoff2 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
Excellent gallery. The only things I could see improving it are mooning pics (since it's more thrilling to me when a lady takes control and drops trou to thrust her bare booty at us, than when she's just passively naked) and toilet pics (wherein the girls are giving themselves sweet relief and comforting us to know that even hot chicks have to do it). But these subgenres are ignored by almost everyone. There is really very little to complain about.
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